Tuesday 2 May 2017

Cool Britannia and “Hail to the Chief” changed our world and my behaviour....

Bottom of Form

When the times change, they change. Brexit was followed by Trump and both unleashed long and well-hidden truths about the values people hold in their hearts. The nice name for these values is populism. But in detail we've all seen an upsurge in nationalism, racism, white supremacism, misogyny, religious extremism and intolerance, the bold face of white privilege, the extreme vulnerability of Africa, and the ways in which all have been institutionalised to maintain the rigged status quo. 
No matter how many cheesecake pics, landscapes and little bons mots of inspiration or criticism we post, actions talk now and bullshit walks.

Old behaviour won't fly

That's why the behaviour that flew before won't fly anymore. I used to avoid embarrassing people over their hypocrisy here and abroad. I used to almost try and manage or take responsibility for the racial attitudes of others. All it did was normalize toxic behaviour. That won't work anymore because I realise I infantilise those who need to wake up to what THEIR behaviour and privileges mean for others and for world peace. They can own their own coy supremacist, racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic views themselves. I did not make them behave and think that way. Their culture did, and its they who live it. I will take responsibility for what I think and do, and my cross is heavy enough to bear without adding that of others.

Owning their actions

So those who are not mature enough to deal with a person of my colour and race as a human being without expecting me to be the instrument by which they prove themselves worthy by way of their exclusions and privileges, will find they have no traction. They can fix their low self-esteem by themselves. That's no more than I impose on myself. You are NOT how I prove myself to be of worth.

We need new structures

And different associations​ need to be formed to bypass the rigged systems that institutionalise inequality. Of course, it won't be easy, because people who have gotten great by oppressing minorities will likely not give up a rigged game without push back, whether by denial, minimisation, or subtle obstruction.

Times have changed and will never be the same again. And if one person is writing this, be assured that millions are thinking, even doing it, already...they just haven't told you.
Britannia and Uncle Sam, it was probably not your intention, but you just kicked off a new way of life, a new level of being woke for many who weren't before.