Friday 28 March 2014

Meet Me On The Planet...You Know, Earth!!

Meet me on the Planet! And why, you ask, choose this title for my blog? I know its not enough to say that my young colleague Abi, (a photographer ever growing in stature) thinks its cool, despite his unerring feel for what flies.
Londoners one and all by way of Italy, Japan and the Caribbean

Diversity is what makes our modern times interesting. Diversity is right in our faces and not just on our TV screens and web browsers. Step out into the streets of an urban metropolis like London and you will see attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, dress styles, languages, cultures all playing before your eyes like a finely edited movie montage. In this mix you find everything from the beautiful to the bizarre, from the dreadful to the divine, from the insane to the humane.

The earth is a cypher for all that is human in all of us. It is the home we all share and cannot escape. It has many rooms, as it has many environments.  The locks we try to put on each room have a  way of failing, spilling their contents into adjacent rooms with consequences we're never quite able to correctly predict. Our humanity derives from our collective connection and respect for this earth, and its varied citizens. So when,in exasperation, I said to a friend who saw nothing but the differences among us "meet me on the planet"
From the beautiful to the bizarre,  the insane to the humane
I meant "see you when you come to your senses and feel your own humanity." Sure, it was a smidgen arrogant, even patronising, but the idea is a wonderful guide to he who coined it and others. We should meet back on the planet, back on the earth of our shared humanity, and on that basis create the economics, politics, policies, international relations, attitudes to sexual orientation, attitudes to race and gender and everything else we need to enjoy doing!

We don't have to agree. Hell no! We just have to respect each others lives. Yes , I know, its a big ask and we are prone to failure on many occasions. Oscar Wilde said "Only the mediocre are at their best at all times," but that does not mean we don't know what "good" looks like.

So... I will meet you, dear reader, on the planet! Your comments are more than welcome.

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