Tuesday 8 July 2014

Meet Ms.Typical...

© Wiz Kudowor

There’s nothing like the threat of visiting family to throw you into a frenzy of cleaning and tidying. Old childhood admonitions die hard and you find yourself acting out the much derided but clearly deep held suspicion that cleanliness, or at least tidiness is next to godliness. This despite all protestations that you’re way past such scripty responses. The hob was the beneficiary of this particular frenzy, triggered by the visit from afar of a sister. Where I come from kitchens have to be spotless, a testament to your demographic, nay even your quality as a human being. I must unpack all that sometime, it sounds a tad obsessive. But here is the thing, while testing the brand claims on the pack of hob cleaner, a totally mind numbing activity need I add, random thoughts surfaced as I reviewed the day.

©Wiz Kudowor

I realized I'd been working that day with an archetype ... Ms Typical!! You will know her, and the male version of her.  

Ms Typical clings to the herd and has little personality of her own. Lacking personality she lacks courage also, and has no conviction in her beliefs. Everything she says and does is calculated to fit the social zeitgeist of "normality". Thus she could never really champion change though she is happy to go with the wind of change. She is extremely successful, and for all the wrong reasons. She stays bang in the middle of the herd, safe in the wider strength of the herd but is terrified in herself. She always seems phoney because she's never found traction with herself. Her status and trappings of success are totally at odds with the profound sense of low self-worth she carries, hidden behind her social platitudes. 

I should feel sorry for her really. Stephen Sutton  a 19 year old died a few months ago, having mined the depths of his life for its true meaning and raised a small fortune for charity. Miss Typical will make a small fortune for herself, live long (no doubt with private health care), retire on an index linked pension, and be totally forgettable because she never lived her life or moved anybody. She was rather moved by everybody. 

Ms. Typical is the archetype that would have shopped Anne Frank, then said how awful the Nazis were, left Mandela in jail, but been first in line to clamour for his release when it became fashionable. 

Ms. Typical and Mr. Typical, need to try being “abnormal" for a moment, and find out what it means to be themselves, and thus unique.  Till then she and he will be about as dependable as a leaf in a gale, as predictable as a cornered animal. 

©Wiz Kudowor

Housewives must be amazingly thoughtful as they run through the daily chores that keep their families living in pristine comfort. I’m a part timer and I got all this from just 45 minutes in surgical gloves and a man-pinny, tarting up the hob. Imagine the streams of insight a real, professional “home management executive” could enlighten you with.

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